The analyst predicted the price of Ethereum at $25,000

Cryptocurrency analyst Joe Hasler announced his prediction regarding the future value of the Ethereum cryptocurrency. He said that, most likely, the price of digital silver will grow by almost 10 times and reach $ 25,000 after the merger of the ETH 1.0 and ETH 2.0 networks.

According to the expert, the transition to a new algorithm will play a positive role for the future of the digital currency and should significantly contribute to the development of the project. Hasler assured that more and more people use the services of this network. In his opinion, as soon as the cost of transactions becomes ten times cheaper, and the environmental friendliness of the project is not in doubt, many people will turn to this virtual currency.

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He stressed that the formation of the cryptocurrency market is now taking place. Despite the skepticism of the leaders of the leading states, many are well aware that the modern economy is outdated. Digital currencies are a breath of fresh air for a financial system that is in deep crisis.

Hasler assured that a huge number of developers will create decentralized finance (DeFi) tools in the next 2 years. The focus will be on blockchain Ethereumwhich will contribute to the rapid growth of the value of the virtual asset.

The cryptocurrency expert assured that he made his conclusions on the basis of not only fundamental, but also technical analysis. In his opinion, many indicators suggest that new ETH price highs are just around the corner.

Earlier edition of informedthat the developers of Ethereum announced the start of the second phase of testing the merger of networks. This happened on April 22, 2022. According to them, this stage will become fundamental and will help determine the exact timing of the implementation of the idea.

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