The Analyst Spoke About The Future Of Altcoins

Well-known cryptocurrency expert Mikael van de Poppe spoke about the future of altcoins. He believes they have a great future, but investors need to be patient. The analyst emphasized that the industry is now going through difficult times due to the geopolitical and economic situation in the world.

At the same time, Van de Poppe assured that the leading altcoins will still bring a tenfold profit to their investors, but this will have to wait several years. According to the expert, now the world is changing, and society understands the urgent need to integrate cryptocurrencies into the global financial ecosystem.

In addition, using intelligent contracts brings excellent prospects for developing government and commercial structures. More and more people realize this, and therefore the popularity of the crypto market will grow.

According to van de Poppe, going through tough times is necessary, but then the industry will dawn. Before that happens, it is crucial to understand that the regulatory framework for the industry will be in place. State regulators will not allow cryptocurrencies to exist autonomously and be subject to control and supervision.

“It takes time to create laws and implement them. As soon as the situation stabilizes, the technology sector will begin to grow, and therefore the value of the leading altcoins will increase exponentially. Van de Poppe assured that he expects a new global boom in the market from 2024 to 2026.”

Earlier, editors reported : Mikael van de Poppe spoke about how he sees the future of the cryptocurrency market. He stated that it is very difficult to give reliable forecasts regarding the price movement of leading digital assets, due to the fact that the industry has undergone significant changes over the past couple of years.

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