The Analyst Spoke About The Future Of Cryptocurrencies

Industry expert Joseph Harp spoke about scenarios for the cryptocurrency market. He spoke about which trends will be critical in the foreseeable future and assured us that one should not deceive oneself much in connection with a short-term growth surge.

The analyst said that in the coming years, cryptocurrencies would develop rapidly. However, industry participants will have to go through a difficult path. According to him, many companies will be left out. Still, the strongest will be able to do a multibillion-dollar business since blockchain and cryptography technologies are essential in this century. According to Harp, the leading trends of the next decade will be decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The specialist noted that despite the temporary growth of the market, nothing positive should be expected in the coming year. The geopolitical situation in the world and the scenario with rising inflation leave much to be desired. However, in the coming years, platforms that offer DeFi services and develop their own metaverse will rapidly develop. The expert stressed that today all significant players understand the prospects for developing these industries.

According to Harp, it will take some time for the human community to accept the world of digital assets, but behind this lies humanity. Despite the difficulties with the regulation of the crypto-currency sector, he is confident that all of them will be solved and in the next 5-10 years the digital currency market will be able to reach a capitalization of tens of billions of US dollars.

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