The best cryptocurrencies over the past day

Analysts of the CoinMarketCap service talked about the best altcoins over the past day from April 23 to April 24, 2022. They noted that the market has not been very volatile over the past 24 hours. Nevertheless, 3 virtual assets from the top 100 rating by market capitalization have risen in price by 5% or more, and 2 more digital tokens have grown in price by a little more than 4%.

The leader was the Kava cryptocurrency. Its value reached $5.05, which is 5.87% higher than yesterday’s figure. The market capitalization of the currency is $902.04 million, and the asset has risen to 87th place in the ranking. Trading volumes amounted to $222.68 million per day.

The coin brought a good profit to its short-term investors Decred. This asset has risen in price over the past 24 hours by 5.78%, reaching a price mark of $66.69. As of 12:15 Moscow time, the total supply on the market is $931.11 million. Daily trading volumes are $8.04 million.

XDC Network rose in value by 5.17%. Now the asset is traded on exchanges at an average price of $0.058. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency is $713.16 million. Traders made transactions worth $4.88 million.

Curve DAO Token again showed great volatility against the background of other virtual assets. The cryptocurrency exchange rate added 4.84% and amounted to $2.65. Market capitalization — $1.22 billion.

Audius rose in price by 4.52% and reached $1.22. The total supply of tokens is $756.49, the daily trading volume is $57.53 million.

The earlier edition informed about the most profitable altcoins for the period from April 22 to April 23, 2022. Then the best result was demonstrated by the ApeCoin cryptocurrency, which brought its short-term investors a profit of 16.68% per day. The value of the digital asset was $16.62, and the capitalization was $4.73 billion.

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