The billionaire warned of changes in the global economy

The famous billionaire Ray Dalio spoke about the fact that a global shift in the economic paradigm is now taking place. He told what he thinks about this and what impact cryptocurrencies can have on the global financial system. In his opinion, the US dollar and other fiat currencies are in a state of continuous and endless decline.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Dalio said that on a scale of 1 to 10, his worries about inflation jumped to 8-9. The expert noted that the governments of large states no longer have the ability to control the depreciation of national currencies. Dalio emphasized that in this case, cryptocurrencies can become a real solution to the problem.

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Since 2009, digital currencies have gone from an incomprehensible tool to a promising investment….

According to him, due to what is happening in the economic arena, there has been a shift in the collective consciousness of investors around the world. Now they have really overestimated the fundamental nature of money. Many no longer believe that old funds are a digestible storehouse of their wealth.

Dalio assured that market participants, as well as ordinary citizens, will turn to digital assets, considering them as a means of storing their own capital. The entrepreneur also expressed the opinion that it is necessary to pay attention to gold.

Dalio noted that cryptocurrencies could well fulfill the role of the world’s reserve currency. It is likely that the digital yuan will play this role, and maybe some other central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Earlier edition informed that Ray Dalio assured that the cryptocurrency market attracts excessive public attention, although it does not deserve it at all. According to Millarder, this state of affairs is not justified. He stressed that interest in digital currencies should cool down a little, as they pose high risks for investors.

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