The Expert Gave A Price Forecast For Solana And Avalanche

Well-known cryptocurrency analyst Cantering Clark spoke about his expectations for the future value of Solana and Avalanche altcoins. He assured us that the chart shows positive signals for rising prices. The expert did not doubt that these virtual assets would bring profit to investors in the medium and long term and told what scenarios he saw.

In his opinion, the rate of Solana (SOL) is ready to support the bullish trend. And Clark sees all the signs indicating that the risks are far below the potential reward. According to the data on the chart, SOL may set up a price rally after it removes the diagonal and horizontal resistance.

The analyst emphasized that he would closely monitor the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency rate. And if its price continues to rise, SOL will rise even more. According to him, a short-term rebound to $40 is possible, but then the price will move to the $50 area and above, up to the critical resistance level at $75.

In addition, the expert is optimistic about the future price of the Avalanche smart contract platform token (AVAX). He noted that this virtual asset could grow by 30-40% in the coming weeks.

As of 12:25 Moscow time on July 18, 2022, the SOL cryptocurrency was trading at $42.08, while AVAX was worth $23.74.

Among other things, the crypto investor assured me that he would advise paying attention to the FTT token of the FTX exchange. According to him, it is a powerful asset in the oversold zone.

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