The Freedom to Ukraine project launched a fundraiser for humanitarian aid to Ukraine through NFT collections.

The Freedom to Ukraine project team has created several NFT collections, the proceeds from the sale of which will be used to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine during the war.

The project was jointly launched by two charitable organizations – Fenyx Group and Ariel Charity Foundation.

Freedom to Ukraine provides the most affected regions with necessities: medicines, food, personal hygiene products, children’s products, and other essentials. The project team also organized a refugee assistance center in Israel.

NFT collections are dedicated to the great military in the history of humankind, the proceeds from the sale of each are distributed for specific needs, representatives of Freedom to UkraineAmong the collections:

  • Samurai – funds are directed to help children orphans due to the war and rescue pets left by the owners during the evacuation.
  • Spartans – assistance to Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion.
  • Vikings – help in the evacuation of people to other countries.
  • Cossacks – fundraising for medicines. 
  • War Time Brave Hearts – assistance to the Ukrainian army and Teroborona, police, and volunteer battalions.

Recall that the Minidigita of Ukraine and the local cryptocurrency community have launched an NFT-museum of metahistory dedicated to the chronology of the events of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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