The Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies In The Polkadot Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency experts spoke about the Polkadot blockchain network (DOT) ‘s most profitable assets over the past week as of 18:00 Moscow time on July 26, 2022. According to them, some digital currencies have shown an excellent indicator of growth in value over 7 days. The leaders of the published report were Kylin (KYL), Saito (SAITO), and Sakura (SKU).

The specialists noted that despite the global decline in the total market capitalization of the entire virtual currency market, these digital assets increased in price over the reporting period. Kylin is up 25.91% in the last week. The cost of the cryptocurrency was fixed at $0.015, and the total supply of the currency reached $4.28 million. At the same time, trading operations cost only $42.1 thousand over the past day.

Cryptocurrency Saito has risen in price by 6.66% over the past 7 days. Its price reached $0.0103, and the total supply of coins on the market amounted to $11.01 million. At the same time, traders made deals for $681.4 thousand in 24 hours.

Another decentralized finance (DeFi) project, Sakura, added 4.73% in value over the reporting period. Its price reached $0.0237, and capitalization was fixed at $1.26 million. Daily trading volumes amounted to $143.07 thousand.

Earlier, the editors of reported that analysts released a report on the most profitable projects in the Polkadot (DOT) network for 7 days from July 13 to July 19, 2022. The leader of that week was the Offshift cryptocurrency. The XFT rate rose by 129.79% over the reporting period, reaching $0.878. The total supply of tokens in the market was fixed at $4.92 million.

Second and third places went to PolkaBridge and MATH, which rose by 91% and 44%, respectively, greatly pleasing their short-term investors.

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