The most profitable cryptocurrencies of the Metaverse for the week

Analysts of the CoinMarketCap service spoke about the most successful and profitable altcoins for investors associated with the metaverse. Over the past week, 5 cryptocurrencies of this type have risen in price by more than 25%. Among them are mostly little-known projects.

The best result for investors was demonstrated by the Wownero cryptocurrency. It is ranked 74th among all Metaverse startups in terms of market capitalization. This digital asset has added 45.59% in value over the past 7 days and is trading at $0.1613 as of 11:20 Moscow time on April 22. The total supply of tokens is $8.39 million.

Another cryptocurrency, Dotmoovs, climbed to 62nd position in the list of metaverse projects. The native MOOV token has risen in value by 34.03% over the past week, while the market capitalization has grown to $15.11 million. The cost of 1 MOOV is $0.0304.

The virtual platform startup MILC Platform also pleased its investors. The MLC cryptocurrency exchange rate increased by 30.88%, reaching a price mark of $0.2234. The market capitalization of the virtual asset is $17.9 million. It has risen to 61st place.

Also, 2 more cryptocurrencies associated with the metaverse brought good profits to their investors. We are talking about Efinity Token and Newscrypto. They rose in price by 29.93% ($0.4813) and 27.57% ($0.3134), respectively. The market capitalization of these assets is $81.76 million and $47.14 million.

An earlier edition of reported that, according to a study by DappRadar, blockchain games managed to raise $2.5 billion from institutions in the first quarter of 2022. Analysts assured that this figure could exceed $10 billion by the end of this year. Experts reported that in 2021, investors invested only $4 billion in such products in 12 months.

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