The most successful altcoins for investors per day

Over the past 24 hours, several digital assets from the top 200 best cryptocurrencies by market capitalization have seriously pleased their investors. Among all the tokens, there were 5 altcoins at once, which rose in price by more than 10% in 24 hours.

The best result for investors was demonstrated by the 0x digital currency. It rose sharply in value on the last day. As of 17:50 Moscow time on April 21, 2022, ZRX is trading at $0.9878. The rate of the virtual asset increased by 37.38% per day. The market capitalization unexpectedly reached $837.17 million, and the virtual token itself rose to 94th place in the list of top cryptocurrencies.

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In second place in terms of profitability was Tron. Its rate rose by 16.8% reaching $0.732. The market capitalization of the virtual coin has reached the mark of $7.45 billion. TRX has risen to the 22nd position in the ranking of the best cryptocurrency assets.

The Livepeer coin unexpectedly rose in price by 12.69% per day, reaching the level of $565.69 million of the total supply on the market. The cryptocurrency takes the 121st place in the ranking of the best and trades at $26.73.

Two more digital assets Theta Network and Ren rose in price by 10.89% and 10.05%, respectively. At the moment, they can be purchased at $3.46 and $0.402. Investors were able to fix a good profit in a short distance in 24 hours by investing in these assets.

Earlier edition informed that the well-known online analyst of the cryptocurrency market InvestAnswers on his YouTube channel spoke about the prospects for further movement of the Bitcoin and Terra rates. He expressed confidence that both assets will rise in price and paid close attention to the altcoin LUNA. According to him, he has the greatest potential. Experts expressed the opinion that in the near future the cryptocurrency will rise in price by about 20-30%.

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