The Most Successful Altcoins In The Past Week

Among all the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, only a few altcoins gained in price in a week between April 11-18, 2022. The best results were shown by Audius, STEPN, Compound, OKB, Shiba Inu and Decred. All of them became more expensive by more than 4% against the backdrop of a falling market.
The leader of the week was the Audius cryptocurrency. It occupied 93 positions in the rating with $843.33 million. As of 10:15 Moscow time on April 18, its cost is $1.36. This is 17.12% more expensive than the same indicator a week ago.

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In second place in terms of profitability for its own investors was the hype STEPN. It is located at 62 positions in the list of top cryptocurrencies. The total supply of coins on the market is $1.54 billion. The cost of GMT is $2.57, which is 11.55% higher than last week’s figures.

Cryptocurrency Compound took 83 positions in the ranking of the best virtual coins. Its market capitalization is $997.71 billion. The token is trading at $148.64. This brought investors a profit of 9.26%.

Cryptocurrency assets OKB, Shiba Inu, and Decred have not gained that much in price over the past 7 days. They rose by 4.47% ($20.43), 4.31% ($0.00002572) and 4.08% ($61.01), respectively.

Among virtual assets from the second hundred of the rating, the best result was shown by DigitalBits, which became more expensive by 23.21% ($0.3352). Constellation and Conflux added 15.2% ($0.1787) and 14.9% ($0.1903), respectively.

Earlier, the editors reported on the most successful altcoins per day from April 14 to April 15 of this year. On that day, the Ripple cryptocurrency brought the greatest profit for its investors. The value of 1 XRP increased by 6.7%. Also, market participants were pleased with Dash and Maker digital coins, which became more expensive by almost 4%.

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