The Number Of Decentralized Applications In The Polygon Network Exceeded 19,000

The developers of the Polygon Ethereum network of second-level solutions reported on the project’s achievements in the first half of 2022 and discussed plans for the next six months.

According to the post, by July:

  • the number of dapps operating in the network reached 19,000;
  • the average monthly number of transactions was 90 million;
  • the total number of intelligent contract creators has exceeded 153,000.
Data: Polygon.

The project has paid out $2 million in hackathon rewards and grants through the Gitcoin platform.

In January, the team launched the Polygon Guilds initiative to help ecosystem members interact. Within its framework, the creators of projects can unite in thematic groups – guilds.

The project created a free online school Polygon Academy and expanded the capabilities of the DAO PolygonDAO.

The team listed the Polygon ID zero-knowledge proof-based sovereign identification system among the technological achievements.

Avail blockchain load reduction mechanism, Nightfall, Edge, Supernets, and zkEVM solutions.

As a fully EVM -compliant transaction scaling technology, the latter will form the basis for the products Polygon will focus on developing. Among other priorities for the second half of the year, the team named attracting developers to the ecosystem through:

  • participation in Ethereum events (ETH Seoul, ETH Mexico, ETH Lisbon, Devcon, and others);
  • further development of acceleration programs.

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