The Number Of Users Of The Bitcoin Lightning Network Has Grown 800 Times

Cryptocurrency market experts said that the number of users who have access to payments through the Bitcoin Lightning Network has grown 800 times in just 1 year. This figure was about 100 thousand users in March 2021. As of the end of March 2022, this figure has increased to 80 million users worldwide.

Analysts assured that such rapid growth is due to the fact that more applications have integrated this network into their payment solutions. Plus, over the past year, the possibilities for cheap conversion of fiat to Bitcoin have significantly improved and expanded, which allowed the Lightning Network to gain popularity.

Experts from Arcane Research assured that these figures will continue to grow this year. The number of users is steadily and regularly increasing. The popularity of using cryptocurrencies will grow with mass adoption, according to analysts.

The specialists assured that more and more organizations continue to integrate BTC as a legal tender for their goods and services. The number and volume of payments in the flagship cryptocurrency has increased tenfold over the past year in the United States. In addition, the Lightning Network becomes more efficient as infrastructure solutions evolve,

According to the Arcane Research team, the synergy of seamless and low-cost conversion between fiat currencies and bitcoin allows creating the infrastructure for an excellent payment system of the future.

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