The Owner Of The Amazon.eth Domain Ignored The Deal For 1 Million USDC

One of the users of the OpenSea NFT marketplace offered 1 million USDC for amazon.eth domain. However, its owner ignored the deal, and its term expired.

Data: OpenSea.

The owner of amazon. Eth purchased the domain for 33 ETH in February 2022. According to the site, at the time of writing, the best buy offer is 4.7 ETH ($7,240 at current exchange rates).

In collecting an unknown buyer, there are 22 domains of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) system. 

Data: OpenSea.

Another collector of domain names in the ENS system was more fortunate. The owner of the sony.eth address sold it for 48 ETH (~$74,000 at the time of writing). The deal closed six minutes after the offer was posted.

According to OpenSea, the new owner owns many other domains, including coke. eth and nike. eth.

Data: OpenSea.

Recall that in early July, an unknown owner of the 000. eth domain sold it on OpenSea for 300 ETH (about $316,000 then).

For the week from June 27 to July 3, the number of registrations in the ENS system amounted to 78,566. The indicator increased by 163.6% compared to the previous seven days.

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