The Swiss Company Tangem Has Developed A Crypto Wallet Without Batteries And Wires

Tangem Wallet is a new cryptocurrency cold wallet designed for smartphone users. So if you are looking for a crypto wallet that will allow you to access your crypto assets on the go and store various coins and tokens, then this Tangem wallet review will answer your questions.

Tangem is a Swiss company headquartered in Zug. Its branches are in North America, Eastern Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The company has been developing hardware cold wallet technology for crypto assets in 170 countries since 2017.


The hardware wallet is made in the form of a card with a secure chip, which generates private and public keys for managing cryptocurrencies at the time of card activation. You only need a smartphone (Android / iOS) to work with the card, which communicates with the card via NFC. It will not work to conduct transactions on a computer: the developers focus on security and convenience, so the wallet does not
provide any connectors, wires, battery, display, or buttons. In addition, this ensures the device’s durability – you can safely put the card in the safe, on the far shelf, give it to the heirs for safekeeping and not worry that the device will run out of power or fail. And data transfer via NFC is much safer than via Bluetooth.

Features of use

Newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will find Tangem Wallet more convenient than other cold wallets: all you need to do is download the Tangem application to your mobile phone. When activated, the chip creates keys for cryptocurrencies, and they never leave the key in the future. If a transaction needs to be made, the mobile application will send the transaction data to the chip; the chip will sign with a private key and return it to the application, which will already send the signed transaction to the blockchain. The entire activation takes minutes; the application interface is intuitive.

The activation speed is also achieved because Tangem does not have the stage of establishing a seed phrase. To restore access in case of loss of the wallet, other manufacturers offer to install and remember a long seed phrase, the storage of which is not safe because the compromise of the seed phrase means the loss of all crypto assets. Whereas in Tangem, instead of a seed phrase, they offer to link up to three cards to one wallet (Tangem Wallet is sold in sets of 2 or 3 cards), and in case one is lost, use others to restore access. An old-timer can be intimidated by such innovation because they rely on a seed phrase. But Tangem believes storing a backup map is much easier and safer than memorizing or writing down and saving a long seed phrase.


When it comes to hardware crypto wallets, you must first study the manufacturer, user reviews and make sure that there are certificates. You should trust your crypto assets to trusted companies and not too dark horses. Tangem is ready to dispel all doubts of buyers. The Tangem chip has the highest level of certification among direct competitors – CC EAL6+. The same level of chip protection is used in ePassports. The service life of the chip is more than 25 years.

The wallet firmware was independently audited by the Swiss company Kudelski Security, which issued a certificate of absence of vulnerabilities. And the source code of the Tangem mobile application is posted in the Github repository.


Tangem Wallet supports over 6000 cryptocurrencies and 19 networks: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, BNB Beacon Chain, Ripple, Solana, Cardano, Avalanche C-Chain, Dogecoin, Polygon, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Fantom Opera, Tezos, RSK, TRON, Ethereum Classic, Arbitrum.

Of the minuses, it can be distinguished that only Bitcoin and Ethereum are initially visible on the main screen during the initial use. But adding the rest of the tokens to the main screen is easy, just use the “Add tokens” function and customize the application for yourself.


Tangem Wallet is one of the market’s most secure and advanced wallets, ideal for experienced cryptocurrency users to store crypto assets safely. Beginning crypto enthusiasts will be captivated by the wallet’s ease of use, intuitive application interface, and low price.

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