Three Profitable Metaverse Cryptocurrencies In A Week

Cryptocurrency market experts have analyzed the digital currencies associated with the metaverse and named the top 3 projects that gave the most profit to short-term investors over the past 7 days as of July 24, 2022.

Industry analysts noted that along with the growth of the entire cryptocurrency sector, Metaverse startups performed well, showing positive results. According to them, 7 virtual coins once brought investors a yield of more than 30%. However, the best was Onooks (OOKS), vEmpire DDAO (VEMP), and UFO Gaming (UFO).

The leader in terms of 7-day value growth was Onooks, whose native token has risen in price by 73.23% in such a short period. Its price reached $0.394, and the market capitalization was fixed at $4.32 million.

The second place in this list was taken by the vEmpire DDAO project. The internal token of the decentralized governance platform VEMP has become more expensive by 38.7% over the past week. Its rate reached $0.0327, and the total supply of virtual assets on the market came close to $5.7 million.

The third place was taken by the UFO Gaming cryptocurrency. The alien-themed gaming metaverse and its token have proven popular with investors over the past week. This allowed UFO to become more expensive by 37.66% during the reporting period. Its price reached $0.00000195, and the total supply of digital assets on the market conquered $50 million.

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