Top 10 Profitable Staking Coins in April 2022

The growing digital market offers a variety of income opportunities. Costly mining is being replaced by simple and easy ways to earn money. In 2012, the Proof-of-Stake algorithm (“proof of ownership”) appeared, and with it the staking of cryptocurrencies. Users began to hold coins in their accounts and receive rewards for this.

At the beginning of 2022, staking is one of the trending areas of the industry. In April, 262 profitable assets were presented on the market with an average interest rate of 10.59%. Solana is the leader in terms of the volume of funds blocked in the protocols. Users froze $39.43 billion in SOL coins (76.82% of the issue). The popularity of cryptocurrency is growing amid high volatility. In early April, the asset rose in price by 19.24% (from $118.96 to $141.85), and then lost 30.39%, falling to $98.74. By the end of the month, the coin is trading for $97.68.

The top three also included Ethereum and Terra. The main altcoin accumulates 9.18% of all issued coins with a total value of $32.24 billion in the PoS protocol. $27.14 billion in LUNA tokens (41.94% of the asset’s issue) are placed in the Terra ecosystem.

The most popular cryptocurrencies for staking were not the most profitable. Obviously, the size of the bet is not the main criterion by which users select projects for investment. Market participants are interested in fundamental indicators:

  • Capitalization.
  • Market rate.
  • The amount of blocked money.

Therefore, the top 10 profitable staking coins should be considered taking into account the basic parameters. The rating includes the largest assets by capitalization.

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As follows from the infographic, the highest rate in April is offered by PancakeSwap (CAKE) – 180.74% per annum.

The native decentralized exchange (DEX) token can be stacked in MetaMask, Trust, Binance Chain Wallet. The capitalization of CAKE is $2.21 billion. The volume of rates is $439.11 million. The token is traded for $7.59, having lost 13.15% since the beginning of the month.

In second place in terms of profitability is The Graph (GRT). Users can place an asset at 129.36%. Graph is a utility token of a distributed protocol that is designed to search for information in blockchains. In April 2022, the asset ranks 57th in the rating with a capitalization of $2.45 billion. The total volume of tokens blocked in the protocol is estimated at $977 million. Cryptocurrency is traded on all major exchanges for $0.35.

Third in the list of the most profitable for staking was the internal digital coin of the popular blockchain project Axie Infinity. After the end of the 20th season of the game, the capitalization of AXS increased to $2.98 billion. Such popularity provides the asset with the 46th line in the ranking of the largest cryptocurrencies. In April, AXS staking brings users 71.62% per annum. The amount of blocked funds is $990.59 million – 25.01% of all tokens in circulation. The rate of the digital currency is $36.26.

The list of the most profitable coins for staking also includes:

  • Osmosis (OSMO).
  • DeFiChain (DFI).
  • eos (EOS).
  • Secret network (SCRT).
  • Thorchain (RUNE).
  • Kusama (KSM).
  • Cronos (CRO).


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