Top 3 airdrops from May 2 to May 8, 2022

The festive week is rich in opportunities to earn exchange tokens and NFTs without investment. From May 2 to May 8, the working population will have a lot of free time, which is enough to complete simple tasks and get free cryptocurrency for it.

Always remember 4 important rules:

  1. Each Airdrop takes place within a strictly defined timeframe.
  2. It is best to register separate mail and profiles in social networks (Telegram, Twitter, Discord).
  3. You will need to create a special wallet to participate in free distributions so that there are no threats to existing assets.
  4. It is convenient to have a list with all airdrops in order to control accruals.

New crypto exchange Tidex is giving away 200 TDX tokens

At the end of May, the market plans to launch a new platform for trading Tidex digital assets. The founder of the project is in the CEO team WAVES Alexander Ivanov (55th place in cryptocurrencies by market capitalization). The exchange is giving away 200 TDX tokens to anyone who signs up soon and meets some other conditions. Necessary:

  1. Go to the site.
  2. Fill out the form and register.
  3. Confirm mail.
  4. Pass verification: upload a photo of documents (passport or driver’s license) and take a selfie.
  5. Top up your balance by $20. It is best to deposit USDT or USDC. The balance will be available to users.
  6. Subscribe to social networks of the platform (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook*) in the Airdrop section.
Airdrop Tidex

After the verification is passed, everyone who managed to get under the distribution will be credited with 200 TDX tokens. Additionally, they give out 70 TDX (7 USDT) for each invited user who completes the Airdrop, and 30 TDX (3 USDT) for the participant who came through the referral link. The distribution of tokens occurs immediately after the airdrop.

Even though the Airdrop deadline is May 25, 2022, it is better to complete the conditions as soon as possible, as the supply of tokens is limited! Similar distributions from trading floors in the future will bring a lot of X’s. Once the Binance exchange also distributed BNB absolutely free of charge, and today the coin rate is within $400.

*Activities of Meta Platforms Inc. and its social networks Facebook and Instagram is prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Free NFTs from AxelarSea

AxelarSea is the first cross-chain NFT trading platform. Non-fungible tokens from any network are now available for sale and purchase in one place. In its airdrop, the startup asks users to help with the choice of NFT collections that can be added to the platform. Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) will be issued for participation in the airdrop. These are digital badges in NFT format. For completing simple actions, you can earn one or more Genesis POAPs:

  • ​Genesis AxelarSea POAP (Common) will be awarded to every participant who has fulfilled the conditions of the competition.
  • Genesis AxelarSea POAP (Rare) will be given out after voting is over to people who have chosen the 10 most popular collections.
POAP AxelarSea

To participate in the distribution, the user must:

    1. Go to the Gleam platform.
    2. Subscribe to social networks (Discord, Telegram, Twitter).
    3. Retweet the post below.
Airdrop AxelarSea
    1. Write your own tweet. It is necessary to indicate which collections the user has and NFTs that need to be added to the AxelarSea site. An example of the finished text for the post:

NFTs owned: @moonbirds I believe that Moonbird should be listed on

@axelarseabecause this is a global brand with a huge capitalization.

#ListingOnAxelarSea #AxelarSea #CrossChainNFTMarketplace

Participants who voted for the most popular packs have a chance to get a second NFT (Genesis AxelarSea POAP (Rare)). Therefore, instead of Moonbird in your tweet, you can substitute brands from the table below.

Collection Twitter profile
Mutant Ape Yacht Club
Bored Ape Yacht Club
Impostors Genesis Aliens
Bored Ape Kennel Club
World of Women Galaxy
Cool Cats

  1. Add your wallet address metamask.
  2. Enter an email address.

The event will end at 02:59 UTC on May 5, 2022.

Alpha testing of Play Life Beyond

Life Beyond is an online game set in the future. In it, participants will create new societies with their own economy and politics. This is the first game based on Web3 and Blockchain technologies. Here, the ownership of digital assets and the intra-system economy controlled by the participants themselves will be relevant.

Already now you can sign up for the game’s alpha testers and, apparently, get a free NFT. This will require:

    1. Go to site.
    2. Click on the Sign up for the Alpha button.
Sign up for the Life Beyond NFT Giveaway
  1. Specify an email address.
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet (network Polygon, MATIC) and write a message.

Then it remains to wait for news from the project regarding the NFT distribution. The timing of the campaign is not specified, but you should hurry before all the places are taken apart.

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