Trezor wallet buyer data leaked

In the cryptosphere, many are accustomed to scammers of various stripes. Therefore, the owners of cryptocurrencies are always on the alert. However, this does not exclude the facts of the theft of their funds. An example of this could be the recent data leak of Trezor buyers, one of the most popular and reliable crypto wallets.

There was a data leak of buyers of Trezor, a crypto wallet for cold storage of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. By the way, this crypto wallet is considered one of the most reliable.

However, recently there was news that a partner of Satoshi Labs (which produces Trezor hardware wallets), Mailchimp, was hacked and using their service, phishing emails were sent to buyers of the crypto wallet. Thus, the data of its customers who made purchases from February 1, 2022 to April 2, 2022 were leaked.

Anyone who placed an order and paid for Trezor on the official website during this period may receive phishing emails. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive to mailings from the store, they are not yet being conducted. The company officially announced the cancellation of mailings until the circumstances are clarified and the issue is resolved on its Twitter:

The emails may contain phishing links and fake offers to strengthen the security of wallets allegedly from company employees. This includes offers to reset settings, send a pin code, seed phrase, and other sensitive data. Typically, a fraudulent e-mail with a data breach warning is distributed. This is also the representatives of Trezor posted on twitter.

During the attack, the criminals could become aware of the following customer data:

  • E-mail address;
  • approximate location (depending on your ISP);
  • possibly personal data, if they are specified in the settings of your email addresses.

What if you purchased Trezor within the specified time period?

First of all, do not open letters and do not follow the links in them, do not download any applications from the sites through the links. Even if the site address looks exactly the same as the official site. Fraudsters in this mailing list used some characters from the Cyrillic alphabet, similar in spelling to the Latin alphabet, in order to confuse users. Therefore, outwardly, the link to the site looks like a link to the official website of the store. By downloading an app from a phishing site and entering confidential information (in this case, a seed phrase), you can become a victim of scammers.

Be careful and careful for some period of time until the company completely gets rid of the consequences of this incident.


Trezor has been operating since 2014 as an exemplary crypto wallet so far. It is also rated as a reliable hardware wallet. However, cybercrime is also evolving and improving its criminal skills. Users need to be vigilant, stay up to date with the security news of the crypto world in order to save their funds.

By the way, some time ago there was already a similar case with the Ledger crypto wallet, which is also the leader in cryptocurrency storage. Whether Trezor has made its findings since then, we don’t know. However, we have a similar fact now with this wallet.

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