Uniswap Introduces Third-Party Application Integration Tool

Uniswap Labs, the company behind the popular Uniswap decentralized finance protocol, has launched a tool called Swap Widget. Basically, it allows decentralized applications (dapp) developers and operators to embed Uniswap decentralized Exchange (dex) application with “one line of code”.

One of the largest dex applications by trading volume, Uniswap, has announced the launch of a new widget tool that gives dapp operators the ability to integrate Uniswap into their third party applications. The Uniswap blog post announcing the new Widget Swap explains that the integration is easy as it only requires one React component and one line of code.

“We envision a world where everyone can access fair, open and transparent markets,” the company said on Thursday. “Widget Swap brings this vision closer to reality by allowing developers to easily embed the Uniswap swap feature, allowing their users to easily swap tokens, join a community or DAO, and more without leaving their apps.”

Widget Swap has a customizable user interface and for widget pricing “bundled Auto Router Uniswap Labs to find the best price in Uniswap v2+v3 token pools”. Widget also connects to second level (L2) chains including Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism. Uniswap says Widget Swap is already available on a number of popular Web3 apps such as Oasis.app, Friends With Benefits and the Opensea NFT token marketplace.

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As of Thursday, the Widget is fully available for embedding in a Web3 application and people can follow along using the Uniswap developer docs. To ask questions or get technical support, interested Swap Widget users should join the group’s Discord channel. According to dex platform statistics, there are 479 unique tokens and approximately 923 pairs available on Uniswap.

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