What is GameBanana, and what type of content and resources are available on the platform?

GameBanana is a video gaming website dedicated to the modification of games. It was initially launched in mid-2000 as a fan site for the game Counter Strike, but later branched out to allow mods for other games too.

The website has a lot of great content, but the rules can sometimes be strict. Especially for veteran users who break the rules more often than new members.


CSBanana is a custom-built server and arguably the best CS 1.6 community on the web. The site boasts a large number of features and functions to keep players entertained, including an extensive array of user styles, clubs, stamps, and a well-stocked prize vault. With a staff of over 30 active admins and a massively growing number of members, CSBanana is one of the largest and most popular gaming forums on the internet. Aside from a solid gaming community, CSBanana is also home to a plethora of unique and interesting events and activities, many of which are only open to members of the forum.


Gamebanana (formerly known as FPSBanana prior to January 1st, 2011) is a video gaming website dedicated to the modification of video games, where users can share their mods. Originally launched in mid-2000 by Sebastian as a fan site for the multi-player shooter Counter-Strike, it has since expanded to support all first-person shooters.

The site is well organized and has an active community, though some toxic members have been reported to them. However, it is a great place to upload a mod and has excellent rules that are not too strict. It also offers a free download section which is an advantage for some users, as they do not have to spend money to get the mods they need.

One of the most popular mods on Gamebanana is kryanwan’s Tornado mod for Sonic 3: Sega Genesis, which features Tails’ iconic plane in full 3D. It includes new controls, plane sounds, missiles and bullets, and the ability to use Sonic’s second seat in the back.


P4G is a stylish JRPG from Atlus that’s remastered for the PS Vita. Despite being a re-release, P4G packs plenty of new features and functions.

The story takes place in a rural town called Inaba, where Ryotaro Dojima and his friends live for a year while their parents are away at work. Players can expect a lot of action as they uncover the mystery of a gruesome murder spree that seems to be connected to a mysterious otherworld called the Midnight Channel.

As the story progresses, players can gain access to new areas around Inaba. This includes a beach area where they can fish and Okina City, which has shops and movies to check out.

Players also have the option to ride scooters to reach different locations. Once they’ve ridden a scooter enough times, they can also get a new scooter license that unlocks a couple of new places in the game.

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M.U.G.E.N (pronounced “Mugin”) is a 2D fighting game engine that was designed by Elecbyte and released on July 17th, 1999. It was written in C with the Allegro library and was distributed via Elecbyte’s website.

In addition to creating and playing custom characters, stages and other game objects, MUGEN is also used for creating online multiplayer games. This can be done through a network or LAN connection.

There are a few online M.U.G.E.N communities, with one of the largest being Mugen Guild. They host a large database for characters and stages, as well as their own Forum.

Another community is Mugen Free For All, which focuses on archiving materials for the engine, providing detailed directories of characters and stages that are kept as up-to-date as possible.

Some users have created user-created versions of real fighting game characters, and these can be impressive in their own right. However, a lot of these creations are not well-made and often end up missing moves or are glitchy.

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