What is the Colossal Titan in Attack on Titan, and what are its powers and abilities?

The spine-chilling appearance of a colossal Titan resembles that of a human body without skin, leaving muscles, tendons, and fibers exposed. Standing 60 meters tall, it’s a sight that can only bring fear.

In addition to its size, the colossal titan is able to emit steam like a fire tornado, dispersing a huge amount of heat and power. This ability also slowly degenerates the titan’s muscle mass until it only possesses bones.


The origins of the colossal titan can be a little convoluted. The story goes that Ymir Fritz stumbled into an ancient tree containing a water-filled hole. This gave her access to a mysterious spine-like creature that transformed her into a Titan.

But if this story is true, then there’s a problem. This is because the first titan wasn’t created by humans, but by a creature that lived in that same water-filled hole.

100 year ago, the remnants of humanity built three concentric walls to protect themselves from man-eating giants called Titans. But when the Colossal Titan appeared behind the Outer Wall, steam began to spew out of him. It took a series of kicks for him to blow through the wall, and smaller Titans flooded in to slaughter the Garrison and nearby villages.


The colossal titan is a powerful enemy, but it can be hard to beat. It’s four times taller than Eren and Reiner’s titan forms, making it a formidable challenge to defeat.

It also has the ability to control the amounts of steam it emits, which is a deterrent to potential attackers. It can even destroy a gate with a single kick.

However, the Colossal Titan is a dangerous threat to humanity because it can destroy cities and entire towns with its attacks. Its sheer size makes it extremely difficult to deal with, and the Battle of Shiganshina District proved just how deadly it can be.

The colossal titan possessed by Bertholdt Hoover was an atypical villain in Attack on Titan. While in his possession, the colossal titan never actually killed with malice or bloodlust.

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The colossal titan is one of the most powerful creatures in Attack on Titan. Standing over sixty meters tall, it can easily destroy anything in its path.

Moreover, it possesses tremendous strength and can be used to create explosive attacks with the use of its own body. It also generates excessive amounts of heat and can amplify it to burn everything in its path.

However, it has a downside: being so huge means that it loses a lot of energy, making it unfit for prolonged combat.

It is also known to produce steam, which can deter those using vertical maneuvering equipment from approaching it. This is especially useful in the series’ final battle.

Its origin is a bit murky, but it is believed that it was first inherited by Ymir Fritz, who was an Eldian woman who was captured and brought to Paradis Island. She was a slave to King Fritz, who used her power for his personal gain. She later died, and her power was passed down to several descendants of her ancestors until the present day.

Final Battle

The final chapter of Attack on Titan is an incredible and tragic one, a watershed moment for Eren as his hometown is devastated. The colossal titan is an incredibly powerful beast, but as we’ve learned throughout the series, they’re just not that fast or maneuverable.

The Colossal Titan’s steam defense means that a lot of its body is consumed when it uses this power, and it has to regenerate the muscles that are drained to be able to move again. As a result, this ability makes the Colossal Titan quite immobile, which makes him easy to defeat in combat.

A range of new weapons is also introduced as part of Final Battle, including Gatling guns that pepper the limbs of a lumbering Titan with fire and Thunder Spears that blast it in the face with a volley of damaging hailstones. This opens up a whole new arsenal of ways to take down a titan, with each weapon providing a different way to deal damage and create distance.

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