What You Need To Know About The New Poloniex Trading System

Poloniex officially launched the new trading system on August 1, 2022, to overhaul the outdated one, providing traders with a faster, more stable platform. It excels in ease of use. Poloniex streamlines the interaction with traders with improved functionality and visualization for an intuitive and more user-friendly trading experience.

So what are the changes that provide a better user experience? Let’s delve into the following three highlights of the system.


The new Poloniex trading system delivers superior performance. Compared to the legacy version, order matching speed has been increased by more than 30 times, TPS has increased by more than 10 times, and latency has been reduced by more than 5 times.

At the same time, users no longer have to wait for order book updates when switching trading pairs in the new system. This way, they can react faster to market opportunities in their ultra-fast trading.

In addition, the new Poloniex API endpoints are now among the top exchanges with more features and lower latency. The new APIs are also more convenient for institutional traders and algorithmic traders. We hope to increase trading volume by improving their service, thereby providing users with better liquidity.


Many exchanges value low latency over fault tolerance. Poloniex, an established marketplace, considers security its top priority and has achieved this by maintaining system stability even under extreme conditions. Thus, another advantage of the new system is its increased fault tolerance. It also has the advantage of reduced latency.

The system has a microservices architecture, which ensures its smooth operation. Data and services are divided into several independent modules, including markets, orders, user assets, and candlestick charts. Therefore, each module handles different information independently to distribute risk evenly. Thus, even if one fails, it will not affect the overall operation. With the autonomy of each available module, system performance increases.

In addition, the new Poloniex trading system uses cluster deployment and supports automatic service scaling, which can significantly cope with traffic spikes. Moreover, updates do not require downtime as before, so trading will not be stopped.

Ease Of Use

To meet users’ needs to trade in rapidly changing markets, Poloniex has introduced a market order and a stop market order. These newly added order features provide traders with various trading options to act more quickly and efficiently.

On top of that, the candlestick chart is fully optimized. Time intervals have been increased from 6 to 14. Visuals have also been optimized, and readability improved, putting it on par with professional market analysis software. Poloniex users can better respond to the changing market and make strategic decisions, from our beginners to institutional traders.

Finally, the trading system upgrades the search function to a global one, simplifying the process and increasing efficiency. Unregistered users are given more permissions. For example, visitors can add tokens to their Favorites section.

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