When is the Best Time of Year to Buy Crypto?

Different times of the year are better than others for purchasing crypto. Bitcoin has only had a significant value since late 2017, so it’s best to purchase it when the price is low but still high enough to make it worthwhile. Most people buy crypto at weekends and sell it on Mondays. However, there are times of the year that are worse than others.


Timing market trends can be tricky, but some patterns can be observed. Buying crypto in the late afternoon or late night can result in lower prices and vice versa. Prices generally increase during the first ten days of the month and fall in the second half. Prices may vary slightly with smaller altcoins, but the trend seems consistent overall. For example, if you’re interested in buying Bitcoin during the middle of the week, you should buy it in August.

The best day of the week to buy crypto is Thursday. The market tends to slow on Thursdays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invest on a Thursday. This is because crypto trading typically peaks on Thursdays and dips on Fridays and Saturdays. If you’re looking to buy crypto during these periods, you’ll likely get a reasonable price because fewer people are buying them.

One reason why the timing of cryptocurrency buys is so essential is because it varies between countries. For example, OmiseGo is based in South East Asia, and the team there makes big announcements between 3 pm and 4 pm in SEA. The same goes for Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and other popular cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies tend to have similar patterns, so if you buy one of these coins during a particular period, you should consider it carefully.

Investing in crypto should be a long-term strategy. For example, Bitcoin prices were $50k – $60k between April and May 2021 but dropped to less than half of their value in mid-May. Those who sold Bitcoin before October would have regretted their decision. Fortunately, Bitcoin prices bounced back to mid-$60,000 by October. If you are looking for a more profitable investment, buying your crypto early may be wiser and holding it for a while before selling it at a loss.

Other Large Market Cap Coins

Compared to the other large market cap coins, Thursdays tend to have the best price movement. These coins typically rise in price over the first ten days of the month and then fall back down in the second half. This pattern may differ with smaller altcoins, but the trend for the enormous cap rates seems steady. Purchasing crypto these days may also be an excellent way to take advantage of the low prices in the market.

Other low-cap coins present an opportunity for investors to earn income from the crypto market by staking. Staking involves locking coins in a protocol and earning income from low-risk gains. Moreover, many stackable coins offer a desirable interest rate, which increases in value as the coin gains popularity.

Timing a cryptocurrency buy is a challenging proposition. Many factors can impact prices, from lemming-like sell-offs to personality-based factors. In addition to this, human behavior can also affect price movements. While people often don’t act in their best interests, fear of missing out on a short-term profit can sway them to purchase cryptocurrency before it’s time. However, there are ways to minimize the impact of these factors and buy at the right time.

Another profitable business model is to search for low-cap crypto gems. As a result, you can get a great deal of income from low-cap crypto assets.


When is the best time of year to buy cryptocurrency? That’s a question many new investors ask, as the crypto market is still relatively young and the market is highly volatile. It is therefore vital to do your research and invest only with money you can afford to lose. Read on to learn more about the best time of year to buy crypto.

Despite the ebbs and flows in the cryptocurrency market, some general patterns can help you time the right time to purchase crypto. For example, some coins tend to spike in value in the first ten days of the month and then drop in the second half. This may vary slightly for smaller altcoins, but the trend seems consistent. If you’re willing to take on the volatility, it’s worth buying cryptocurrency in August.

Depending on your preferences, the best day to buy cryptocurrency is Monday. In recent weeks, Thursday was the best day to buy crypto. While there are no guarantees, this day is a popular trading day. The best time of year to buy crypto is a good time to invest in a crypto fund. While it may seem intimidating for the inexperienced, it’s easy with a service called BlockCard. You can use BlockCard as your virtual debit card and purchase crypto through the payment processor. It’s also possible to use it wherever major credit cards are accepted.

The current price of Bitcoin has dropped 50% from its November peak. This sign that the market is becoming more volatile, and investors are looking to buy on the dip to avoid a significant loss. If you haven’t already bought crypto, you’ll want to wait until the price drops further. That way, they can get in before the market reaches a lower point.


The cryptocurrency markets are a fascinating asset class, but when is the best time to buy cryptocurrency? While the market is constantly changing, there are some general trends that you can follow. Crypto prices tend to increase during the first ten days of a month and then decline during the second half. While this trend varies depending on altcoins and larger cryptos, it appears consistent. Generally, the best time to buy crypto is near the end of a month.

Mondays and Thursdays are the best days to buy, as prices are usually the lowest on these days. However, these are not the only days you should buy. Other days to avoid buying cryptocurrency include weekends and holidays. For instance, don’t buy crypto on Friday or Monday. This is because crypto traders are likely to sell their crypto on the weekend but will start buying it on Monday.

Another vital factor to consider is the time of day. Buying cryptocurrency is most profitable early in the morning when prices are at their lowest and when volumes are at their highest. The most volatile times of the day for crypto are around 1 am UTC. This corresponds to the start of the workday for North Americans and the beginning of the evening for Asian markets.

If you’re interested in buying crypto, you’ll want to deposit funds in your crypto wallet. You can do this by linking your bank account with the exchange, authorizing a wire transfer, or using your debit or credit card. These methods will usually incur fees, and you should keep this in mind before buying crypto. Occasionally, cryptocurrency exchanges may charge you small transfer fees, so you may want to check out their FAQ page to find out more about these services.

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There are a few ways to predict cryptocurrency market trends. Among them, you should try to buy cryptocurrency on Thursdays. Cryptocurrencies with high cap rates tend to rise together and fall similarly. This means buying on Thursdays may be better than on Tuesday or Wednesday. In addition, there is a tendency for crypto trading to slow down on Saturday and Sunday, when the markets are closed for the weekend.

Purchasing crypto is accessible with digital payment platforms such as Venmo. You can invest as little as $1. The exchange rates fluctuate and may incur some fees. You can also make crypto purchases with your bank account using PayPal or Venmo. These services allow you to transfer the money you are buying with a small amount of money and charge about a 1.5% to 2.3% fee on your purchase.

Besides these methods, you should also learn about the history of specific crypto investment types. To determine the best time to purchase cryptocurrency, you should study the history of that type of investment. Some tokens may trade with different patterns. Ultimately, the best time to buy crypto is when you’re ready to invest. Alternatively, you can use a dollar-cost averaging approach to control your cost.

Bitcoin prices are most volatile around 1 am UTC, the end of the workday in Asia, and early evening in North America. This is also the time when Western traders are most active. The best time to buy cryptocurrency is around 1 am UTC. If you can, invest money you can afford to lose. In addition to this, you should also take into account the volatility in the market. You’ll be able to make money while keeping your risk low.

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