Why was the Block 19 taken off the market for sale?

Block 19 is an awe-inspiring gun that looks like it’s made from LEGO blocks. It’s a creation by a Utah-based company called Culper Precision.

The firearm was made to highlight the gun debate, with its Lego-inspired design aimed at getting people across the gun divide talking.

The weapon drew strong criticism from gun control groups that warned it could attract children. And they urged Lego to stop making it, after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the Danish toymaker.


The block 19 for sale has a lot to offer, from its sleek 17-4 stainless steel design and precision-machined grips to its high-tech features. The gizmo ain’t just for show – it is also a cinch to open and close. The gizmo has a slew of features to keep you and your family safe, including an audible safety warning. This isn’t to mention the fact that it’s machined to a micro finish, meaning it will last the distance. In addition to its nifty little features, it is also equipped with the most impressive sized storage area in your toolbox – that’s right, there’s actually a compartment for you to stash those tools of the trade.


Culper Precision, a Utah-based firearms company, has stopped selling Block 19, a Lego-inspired kit that encases a Glock handgun in red, yellow, and blue blocks. The gun drew strong criticism from both pro-gun and anti-gun groups.

In the end, Culper Precision decided to comply with the cease-and-desist letter from Lego and removed the pistol from its website. It said in a post on Facebook that it had “decided to take the product down after some communication with Lego.”

The company, which makes guns that can be made with Legos, released Block 19 in June as a way to promote its products and communicate that gun ownership is an enjoyable activity that doesn’t have to be a painful part of life. But the gun was met with fierce criticism from gun control advocates who warn that children can easily mistake it for a toy and may even be drawn to shoot themselves or others.

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A Lego-inspired gun for sale has been pulled from a Utah-based custom firearms maker after intense criticism from gun-control groups that warn children could mistake it for a toy. In a post on the company’s website, Culper Precision says it’s been in communication with Lego about the kit and decided to comply with their request to stop selling it. It said it sold fewer than 20 of the kits and that it will no longer sell any firearms like it in the future. It also posted an emoji kissing Lego to show support for the maker’s decision. The Washington Post reports.

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