Will Virtual Cars Appear In The Sandbox? The Platform Announced A Partnership With Renault Korea

  • Korean division of Renault and The Sandbox announced cooperation
  • The automaker will release its cars on the basis of the “sandbox”
  • Users will receive a whole list of new features, including those related to NFT

Today, September 5, the leadership of the Korean division of the auto concern Renault signed an agreement with the administration of The Sandbox. In fact, this is the first such transaction in the virtual space.

For Renault Korea, such an agreement is a chance to get a younger generation of potential buyers. For The Sandbox, this is a new step in the development of the platform.

As part of the deal, the automaker will indeed give users the experience of driving in virtual space. However, the company also plans to launch a new advertising campaign in collaboration with other brands.

The head of the division, Stephane Debles, noted that this partnership is primarily intended to introduce the brand to the audience. In particular, to make Renault a recognizable company in the digital environment.

The Sandbox also hinted that the list of new features is not limited to simple interactive. It is possible that additional functionality will be associated with cars in the ” sandbox “, for example, in the NFT format.

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